Tuesday, 24 November 2015

In the first six weeks of college I learned a lot   about bookkeeping transactions and computerised accounts.

We have done many activities in the class like VARK, it tell what kind of learner you are.

 My Vark says I have a mild kinaesthetic learning preference.

It means I prefer doing some work for real instead of listening and diagrams. I think you could learn more doing some exercises and more practise instead of listening all the time.

When I need to study a new subject I rather prefer doing exercises, learn more about it and how it works. I like creating diagrams as well it’s really easy to make one, plus they are pretty to understand and useful.

I find very hard every single subject at the start because it looks hard and impossible to understand but then after a while with the help of my teachers and exercises it gets better and better. More exercises I can do and more I can learn and understand it properly.

Usually when we are with Hozee in class doing practise for assessments we help each other to find out how it works, and we try to find a solution for the problem together I find it very useful and it helps me a lot with my studies.   

I might use my learning journal in the future to help me with my studies and I’ll be able to remember the way I like studying and how I can learn more about something.


  1. I enjoyed reading this post, Mozamal. You have learnt a lot over the last 6 weeks, not least the new language of accounting!

    You clearly like making diagrams to help you learn, there are some good examples here on your blog. As your progress in your studies you can use this learning journal as a place to store your notes and diagrams to help with your revision. Now that you have put the labels gadget in the sidebar, it will be easier to find things, for yourself and others.

    Although your post was easy and enjoyable to read there were some grammatical errors. Next time you make a post to your blog, proofread it carefully first. You can look on Moodle for help with English grammar. The more reading, and writing, you do the quicker you will get better at this, so perhaps you could subscribe to some bloggers who write about topics you are interested in?

  2. I forgot to say - I like the theme you have chosen, and now that you have put the labels gadget in the sidebar it will be much easier to find things, which makes this learning journal more useful.